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400 S. 5th Street
Milwaukee WI, 53204

Phone:  414-278-7060

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Coakley Brothers Madison

2918 Agriculture Drive
Madison WI, 53718

Phone: 608-421-5000 
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Coakley Brothers Movers


Official Mover of the Milwaukee Bucks!

Residential Moving - Local, Long Distance... and International Moving Expertise

For over 125 years, we have been the "go to" movers in Wisconsin... and beyond!

Residential moving services coakley brothers madison milwaukee wisconsin
Residential Moving: "If experience and expertise is what you are looking for..."
Coakley Brothers is a premier moving services company. We've earned that reputation over the past 125 years. We've earned it by taking good care of folks like you.

Are you looking into the possibility of moving your household? Consider this: As a business "relocation services provider" in the Milwaukee and Madison regions, we've seen it all, and done just about anything needed in residential moving, commercial relocation, facilities management, office moves, installation services, office furniture, and warehousing.

"Dear Kevin and Vanessa, Both my daughter, who worked in person with Eddie Small, and I, who worked with him on the phone, want to compliment his professionalism, management skills, and solution-orientation. What a great man! What a hard worker! Thank you very much for working with him. He certainly gave us both confidence, as our family heirloom pool table goes off, under his care, from Brookfield, WI, to Marblehead, MA, over the next week. Gratefully", - Kris Coffey

Residential Moving: "But I'm looking for someone to move my household..."

Since you are looking to move in, perhaps, the "not- too-distant-future", let's start at the very beginning: Is your move Local, Interstate or International? We've done thousands of each type, so call us to give us the details... there's no charge for getting in touch with our experts.

Let us help you get started to get the answers you need. Often enough, that's the hardest step our customers need to take. We really can help you! Try us.

Call Us Today: (414) 278- 7060
Choose... Which "Move" are You?
Local Moving "from" or "to" the Milwaukee or
Madison Wisconsin Metroplex

Milwaukee Wisconsin is home to thousands of people, businesses, schools...  you name it.   It is a thriving community. If you are moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin or... moving from Milwaukee, we are here to help you with the move.

People can be overwhelmed with the challenges involved in moving their households. We have a solution: Simply phone us and you will be put in touch with one of our experienced team members. It is their job to put you at ease and handle the "worries" that come with the decisions and complexities in the preparation for your move.

Over the years we have developed a business model to avoid these unnecessary traps.
  • First, we'll do an in-home inspection to make sure we understand the scope of the work. This allows us to provide you with a fair and reliable cost estimate.
  • In working through one of our experienced relocation consultants, to prepare you for your move, we will identify potential problem areas, and work with you to minimize cost.
  • Whatever you want to have done, we can do it all... From packing your entire house to moving boxes, furniture, household goods, even heirlooms. Whatever your moving needs, we can handle it. So there is no need for worry.

Senior Care Movers

Senior living moving services coakley brothers moversSometimes a family comes to realize that an elderly loved one needs assistance. Independent living cannot reasonably work.

Those difficulties can be compounded with ones specific to moving your elderly loved one. We are Senior CRTS certified and equipped to take care of your moving needs in these circumstances as we are in so many other types of moves. So, for your own peace of mind, know that the details of this move are completely overseen and professionally handled, so you can take care of the people in your life you love dearly.

Find out how we can help you, call us: 414-278-7060
Residential and Household Relocation throughout Wisconsin -  Moving can be one of life's more stressful experiences. If you are moving within Wisconsin our household relocation specialists will handle your moving details and your household possessions with care.

If you are moving to or from the Milwaukee Wisconsin metroplex, then click here for more information about us as your potential mover.  If you are moving to or from the Madison Wisconsin metroplex then please click here for the information you need.  Click to continue...
Coakley Brothers is your CRTS Certified Mover for Your Aging Loved Ones - Looking for a mover that has not only the skills to handle a relocation into a senior care facility, but also the compassion.  Undoubtedly moving is a complex and stressful process not only for the young, but also for the elderly.  While the process for moving remains relatively the same, understanding what the needs of retired or senior persons is what separates us from the “other” moving companies around Madison and Milwaukee Wisconsin markets. Click to continue...
International Residential and Household Moving Relocation - As an Agent of the giant Allied Van Lines, we are an International mover for both residential as well as business and commercial customers. That translates into experience and expertise for global moves that increasingly characterize our fast moving society. Read more...
Business Moving and Commercial Relocation - No two moves are ever the same. It is for that reason we, as your "movers", recommend every business move begins with an actual walkthrough of your business space. We then see firsthand what it is your business will have us move. As such, we can apprise better what is to be simply relocated and what will be reconfigured.
Our business development manager at Coakley Brothers will focus on knowing you, the client, and what your unique needs are. We will walk you through our Five-step movers process: introduction, investigation, education, innovation and analysis. This is a careful and detailed approach to moving so that the estimation and execution can produce greater accuracy and less time consumption in the move. Click to continue...
Your costs is our concern as both residential and commercial movers - We know it's easy to "say" we are concerned about your costs in moving. But, think about it a moment: For us to remain competitive, and we have done so for 125+ years now, we MUST be concerned about your costs and expense in the move.  In all that we do as "movers", for any customer, be they residential, business and commercial or “specialized” services, we advise you from your economical viewpoint. Click to continue...

It is our intent to be responsible with YOUR economic approach to the move. We make it a trusted approach, to drive out unnecessary cost and take the anxiety out of any moving project.  Call to request an estimate or contact us to have one of our team members contact you. Click to continue...
National Award Winning Climate controlled self-storage facility - available for the Milwaukee metroplex area. In keeping with the Coakley Brothers tradition of 125+ years of excellence as movers and related services (storage and business services as highlighted throughout this page and website), we are the National Winner of the 2014 Storage Facility of the Year and our facility, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is known throughout the whole country. See our Climate Control Self-Storage facility.

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