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Peggy Coakley Movers Milwaukee Madison Wisconsin

Bio-Tech Relocation

When you find you have a need to move your research and testing equipment, come to Coakley Brothers movers, who are experts in moving laboratories. We understand the care needed when even considering moving your equipment, your samples and lab equipment from one place to the next.

Regardless of the size of your laboratory or field of expertise, Coakley Brothers can minimize the many risks associated with this type of a move. We do much to streamline the transition time, while ensuring the safety of your samples, instruments and furnishings.  We truly understand the many facets involved with moving a laboratory. Protocols must be followed implicitly while moving from one facility to another.  The steps we take are deliberate and carefully documented.  Significant care is taken as we prepare to transport your scientific equipment and valuable samples.  We are fully capable of being in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices and the Good Laboratory Practices set up to ensure the safety of your move. Rest assured, your staff will be able to continue their work as we move carefully with our end of the relocation service- getting you there safely and in a timely manner.

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