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Retiring Your Gently Used or Overly Used Furniture

No matter who is moving, there isn’t a time we don’t get asked what to do with your un-needed or unwanted furniture. These questions come up whether you are moving or renovating.  This becomes especially problematic when moving a corporate entity, as meeting industry standards has become stricter throughout the years.

There are many options available to you at Coakley Brothers. We focus on the bottom line and can help educate you as to your responsibilities when it comes to environmental concerns.

Perhaps you would like to Recondition or Reconfigure your furnishings?

While “new” is often the desired step, perhaps your furnishings simply need a little repair? Often paint and new upholstery is a viable answer.  Coakley Brothers can help identify the realistic options in this category. We have worked with many clientele who need help with the assessment process of seeding out their present furnishings. Coakley Brothers design service can help you rearrange your furniture, making it more effective in its daily use. This is just one of your options.

Resale is a super option

Sustainability is the name of the game for many new aspiring companies. Many companies are willing to pay well for your used furniture as it helps the environment.  If your product is in good shape, resale is a viable option. There are things you must take into consideration, as anything less than a perfectly good workstation, chairs and lateral filing cabinets could become costly to you. We’ve found that vertical filing cabinets have little value in the resale market. Many of our customers are happy to have the product removed at no cost, however in many cases you will be faced with costs for removal if your furniture is not deemed to be marketable. Coakley Brothers has the necessary experience working with the used furniture market.  We’ll be happy to present you with your realistic options, relieving you of the stress often associated with resale.


Though it may sound like the easiest and kindest thing to do, donation is a complicated process. To whom will you donate? Where is the need? Can we meet the need? Are our furnishings suited to the needs of the donee? Let Coakley Brothers help you with this problematic process. We can help as you add Donation to your possibilities.


Coakley Brothers large warehouse is the solution to this dilemma! It’s a daunting task to recycle furnishings, and not one (will you be the first) of our clients takes this on without help. We have the space, the staff and the tools necessary for deconstructing your non usable furnishings. Coakley Brothers will remove all of the decommissioned furniture from your facility.  We know how to separate the product that is recyclable from what is not recyclable, and we know how and where to transport the recycled product.  We do our best to achieve zero waste, but most furniture isn’t completely recyclable.  Your metal cabinets however will be 100% recycled.

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