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Coakley Brothers Movers


goverment services adminsitration services coakley brothers movers Talk to almost any work team at Coakley Brothers and our employees will often describe themselves as “brothers”: they care about each other and the quality of work they do.

At Coakley Brothers, we’ve set the highest standard in the moving industry which attracts new and qualified talent leading to fabulous retention of great people.

While many companies say the same thing, we’ve done it by outlining a variety of career paths within the organization and encouraging our people to grow. That’s why every year our average employment tenure rises.  We  have over 50 employees with over five years at the company. These are people who have experience, know our business and are dedicated to the success of each project and customer relationship.

In addition, our management continues to invest in new service areas to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.
For example many of our customers do not want their discarded furniture to end up in a land fill.

Coakley Brothers’ management team has put together tremendous resources to decommission furniture because our client needs and awareness have changed.  It’s not just sales people asking our client’s what can we be doing more for them it is a top down team of management, sales, customer service and field lead people who consistently ask our clients what challenges can we help solve for them.

At Coakley Brothers our management team has over 100 years of combined moving experience. Each team leader has breadth and depth in their particular area, making them valuable consultants to the people we serve. We’re especially proud of our flexibility and our ability to spot new service areas that make it easier for companies to operate. If it can be done, we’ll find a way to do it well.

Our Areas of Expertise Are

  • Commercial Relocation
  •  Office Furniture Sales
  •  Office Furniture Installation
  •  Warehousing
  •  Residential Relocation
  •  Facilities Management
Below is a list of some of the agencies Coakley Brothers Company has successfully completed projects for:
  • Department of the Interior  
  •  Department of Veteran Affairs
  •  Department of Justice
  •  Department of Defense
  •  Internal Revenue Service
  •  Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions

Call us at 414-278-7060 to speak with our GSA Account Manager.

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