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Coakley Brothers Movers


Coakley Brothers is the All In One for your Warehousing, Logistical, Distribution and Receiving Needs!

Warehousing & inventory management services coakley brothers

Unsurpassed Service Quality!

What makes us better than the competition?  Coakley provides you with a clean, climate-controlled environment, state-of-the-art online inventory and buildings alarmed for fire and security. But over and above this, we provide quality service; it’s our people that make the difference!

Coakley has space!  We have 400,000 square feet of easy-access storage space in the Milwaukee and Madison areas.  If you need it warehoused and tracked, we’ve got the tools you need at an affordable price.  Are you sorry you overpaid for poor-quality storage?  Frustrated with mold, temperature-swings, poor lighting, lack of protective security, lost products, no service?  Move to the warehouse experts with Coakley Brothers.

We’ve Got it, You Track it!

Yes, Coakley Brothers is web-enabled!  Track your products online using our Windfall inventory management system.   Our comprehensive web-based tracking shows you what’s where when.   No more endless searches. No more duplicate products.  Windfall allows you to track products in real-time, prevents assigning a product to two projects at the same time, helps you move, dispose or recycle old products.

Make Coakley Brothers your headquarters for both product and data flow. Keep your supply chain moving as needed from the web.  Our web inventory system saves you valuable time and money. In addition to giving you cost and time savings, web tracking allows multiple owners or project coordinators to add or pull products simultaneously.  No more confusion on what’s missing and why.

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