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Coakley Brothers Movers


moving libraries coakley brothers Milwaukee & Madison Wisconsin
“I have two phobias: tonsurphobia (the fear of haircuts) and tropophobia (the fear of moving). Of those two, the fear of moving is by far the worst. The work that is involved, the forgetting or leaving stuff, the desire to be organized but not finding the time to really organize.
As with most phobias, one needs to seek professional help.

That's when we turned to Mark Klenz and Katie Carlson from Coakley Brothers. They are so organized and professional that they cured my tropophobia. They have complete checklists to help ease your mind that you have considered everything. Even the biggest messes they have systems and ways to dismantle them and reorganize them in a new location. They are also compassionate and caring about your "stuff".

Me and 50 of my fellow professionals packed up one day; celebrated that night; worked at home the next day, and on the third day we were back in business without a missed beat.

When we move again, we'll call Coakley Brothers without a doubt. Now I just have to work on my barber."
- Dave Stroik
Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc.


Coakley Brothers Movers are Fully Equipped to Move Wisconsin Libraries of any Size Anywhere in the State.

The question has been asked and answered, time and again: QUESTION: Can Coakley Brothers movers move a library? ANSWER: Absolutely.

Coakley Brothers has been providing relocation services to local libraries for almost a century. Our expert moving team will work with you from the pre-planning stage to the last book placed upon the last shelf. Regardless of the size of your library’s collection, regardless of the location, and regardless of time constraints, Coakley Brothers Movers understands it is a precarious task to preserve the integrity of your system.  We’ll even help you as you look to the future to plan,  and allow for, possible and exciting growth for your library’s new system.

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