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Proper moving boxes for residential relocation

Dear Kevin and Vanessa,

"Both my daughter, who worked in person with Eddie Small, and I, who worked with him on the phone, want to compliment his professionalism, management skills, and solution-orientation. What a great man! What a hard worker! Thank you very much for working with him. He certainly gave us both confidence, as our family heirloom pool table goes off, under his care, from Brookfield, WI, to Marblehead, MA, over the next week."

Kris Coffey
Marblehead, MA

Dear Mary,

"Antonio and Bob could not have been more helpful, willing and efficient. Thanks for excellent service that was in stark contrast to another local company, who moved another resident on the same day, which left her in tears with frustration. I hope I never have to move again, but if I do, I will be hiring you!"

Shirley Stone

Your Key Component to Moving Household Supplies: YOUR MOVING BOXES!

Key to your move are your moving boxes.  Choosing the wrong box- not stable enough- wrong size- can ruin your move and allow your household belongings to be easily damaged during the actual move, or while waiting to be unpacked. Allied relieves you of this worry by designing moving boxes of all sorts to help make your move go smoothly.

HOW TO: Chose the Correct Household Moving Supplies.

As an agent of Allied Van Lines, Coakley Brothers has the boxes for you, no matter the logistics of your move. We have all the various sizes and strengths to safeguard your household goods during the move.  No matter which room you’re packing, you’re covered with Allied’s perfect box.

Perhaps you’re feeling disorganized? Don’t fear. We have lists of the boxes which includes their purpose to help you organize your thinking and your steps. Would you like help picking out those boxes? We are there for you.  Your local representative will recommend the proper boxes for your particular needs.

Household Moving Boxes for ALL YOUR NEEDS.

Let’s make this REALLY SIMPLE!
  1.  Large lighter items will be perfect for our 6 cubic foot household moving boxes.  Large enough for packing bedding, lampshades, pillows and more!
  2. 4.5 cubic foot household moving boxes for more lightweight items like those rugs, blankets, linens, toys and fluffy comforters.
  3. 3.1 cubic foot household moving boxes are our medium sized box.  Pots and pans fit well here.  More toys…flower pots… household heirlooms will be perfect in this size box.
  4. Last but hardly least is our 1.5 cubic foot box.  Small and sturdy, your books will pack well here as well as other heavy items, making the box manageable when filled.

Mirror Mirror on the Bedroom Wall!

Oh those fragile items!! Mirrors and pictures on the wall.  Our specialty moving cartons are fashioned perfectly for these large fragile items. Those breakable glass table tops are well cared for in these boxes, as well as mattress cartons even available from crib to king size. We’ve got the perfect wardrobe carton complete with a metal bar on which you can hang your clothing.  These work well for draperies should you be taking them with you.  Hanging only in these boxes as the bottom is not made for packing.

Please Be Careful With This Box!

Those breakable items will be easily packed in our “China barre” cartons.  They are specifically designed to hold your dishes securely.  China and other fragile items pack well in these boxes. Otherwise known as “dishpack” cartons, they will also hold your crystal and other glassware.  Breakable? This is the box for you.

Never Fear! Coakley Brothers is Here! We have the Household Moving Supplies You Need

Affordably priced, our household moving boxes are available for every need you may have.  As you have seen, the variety of sizes and types of boxes will easily pack your entire household.  No need to sacrifice quality for cost.  Search below with our itemized list.  Let it serve as a guide for which cartons best suit your needs.

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