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Extra Care Protection for you residential moves


Your choice of Allied for your move should reassure you of the finest moving protection available.  More families trust Allied than any other van line worldwide.  We have expert packers who specialize in inventory tracking after they have expertly packed your household goods.  The specially designed moving vans help ensure you of a worry free move- allowing you to focus on the relocation process before you, which is often a daunting task.   Our standards are tough! Rest assured we take good care of you from start to finish.

There are occasions of course when accidents do happen.  Perhaps an item is damaged.  For your ease of mind we offer you our Extra Care Protection. (ECP)  This is a level of coverage for your household goods up to an amount determined by you.  This will allow Allied to settle your damage claim and resolve the mishap quickly- keeping your satisfaction with our moving services number one, during your move.

Optimal Household Moving Coverage- The Extra Care Protection You’re Looking For

Your peace of mind with ECP- the most comprehensive protection plan in the moving industry-  covers the cost to repair or replace, whichever is less costly.  We document any household item that is either lost, damaged or destroyed.

What About Pairs and Sets That May Be Damaged?

ECP Coverage does extend to matched sets.  For instance: Lamps, End Tables, Candlesticks, Bookends. Should you chose ECP and your item cannot be repaired to its original state, we will provide you like kind and quality replacement compensation.  Unfortunately, complete replacement of multiple item sets of china, gold and or silver flatware and crystal glassware are excluded from pairs and set protection under the ECP Plan.

Valuables? Take Extra Care

We will help you prepare a form called a High Value Inventory Form.  Prior to packing your household items you are required to present this form to your Personal Relocation Consultant, or your driver. High value items are valued at$100 per pound or higher.

Household Moving Basic Liability Protection at your Fingertips

Also offered for your protection is our Basic Liability Protection.  This provides coverage limited to a maximum of 60 cents a pound per article in case of loss or damage.  We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to your household items. Keep in mind your need may be greater than minimum levels based upon your shipment weight. Consider carefully your high-value items when determining the type of protection for your move.  Basic Liability Protection is free of charge with your move.  It is your responsibility however, to confirm the level of coverage in writing.

Choose the Proper Coverage For your Personal Move

Depend upon your Personal Relocation Consultant to provide you with all the information necessary about Allied ECP and your deductible options, as well as cost comparisons.  Various methods are used to determine coverage levels.

Make Certain Your Decision Is the Right One For You

Don’t hesitate to ask your Personal Allied Relocation Consultant to help you understand your personal moving coverage needs.  He/She can help determine your household’s total value and can help answer any other concerns you may have. Your satisfaction is paramount.

The ECP Difference

As an example: Your $1800.00 dresser weighs 150 pounds.  With ECP, should the dresser be damaged beyond repair, you receive full replacement value*.  With Basic coverage, coverage is limited to 60 cents per pound of that particular item.

Plan Compensation

ECP  $1,800.00  (Full Replacement Value)
Basic  $90.00  (150 pounds times $0.60 per pound)
It’s simple to see the difference with this comparison.  ECP offers premium coverage protection for your belongings.  Make sure you take the time to discuss your options with your personal Relocation Consultant.  They will help you make the best decision for your household goods.

*See the terms and conditions specified on the Allied Protection Plans Worksheet and Allied's published tariffs.

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