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Coakley Brothers Movers


Residential Moving for Milwaukee

What Allied Can Move For You

You Name it! We Move It.
Allied can move your Backyard Playsets-Vehicles- Motorcycles-Machinery-Pool Tables-Flat Screen TVs-Hot Tubs- Art Work- Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks- Pianos of all sorts- Taxidermy Trophies- Statues

Milwawukee Movers



Start to Finish with Coakley Brothers and Allied Moving in Milwaukee Wisconsin

First on the list is for all of us to take the time necessary for preparing your household goods for the move.  There is always ample time set aside for packing, disassembly of your electronics, your appliances and furnishings, etc  Let Coakley Brothers help you map out a safe, efficient and economical plan for your Milwaukee move.

Let's work hard together to make your move the best move possible.

The Best Time of the Day to Move

Moving to or from Milwaukee: Our move times are focused on your needs. Generally we start the process at 8 am the day of the move. If an afternoon move to or from Milwaukee is absolutely necessary – and we do our best to accommodate you - but most of the moves do begin in the morning as we have found from long experience, morning is more than just a convenience. It is, more often than not, a necessity.


  • Our moving rates, beginning at our hourly minimum, and depending upon the number of men needed, the trucks needed etc, are computed on an hourly basis
Talk to us about your Milwaukee Move! Call us: 414-278-7060
  • Price will depend upon if we are packing- unpacking your boxes and cartons? Are we reassembling your goods?  Again, that will be an hourly rate, helping your move to or from Milwaukee WI go smoothly. 
  • Please consult your Moving Consultant for more specific rates on your Milwaukee move.


  • It’s best if our moving trucks are able to park within 50 feet of your Milwaukee residence.  Extra fees may be charged for a longer trek. Please check with your consultant as to the best loading area and to make proper arrangements. Does your Milwaukee apartment have an Elevator?
  • Please consult the manager to obtain an elevator key and elevator wall pads to make the move safe and effective for you as well as the other building residents.

Will Allied be making additional stops?

  • Extra stop fees do apply but more importantly, let your Allied Moving Consultant know ahead of time what items are to be picked up at the 2nd stop so enough enough space is left on the truck for your additional items.

Are you moving ALL your household goods?

  • We’re a packing and moving army! Remember that when and if you have items you don’t want packed.  Set those items aside and mark them clearly. Keep the crew well informed of items not to be moved.

Let’s talk about moving your Food:

  • Our suggestion for perishable food.  Pack it and move it yourself to eliminate the possibility of spoiling. 
  • If your Canned goods can be stored, we can take them.  Any other food items cannot be stored.  Make certain only canned goods are packed.

Be careful with those Flammable Articles:

  • Coakley Brothers or Allied movers cannot pack or move any flammable articles!  (This includes items such as aerosol cans, gas tanks, lighter fluid, matches, gas tanks, propane tanks etc.). Please move or dispose of all articles of this nature.

Waterbeds in your Milwaukee Move:

  • Please notify Coakley Brothers previous to the move if you have water beds to move. While we can drain, disassemble, reassemble and refill your waterbeds, remember, should we do that, our work is subject to our hourly rate. Keep us well informed of your intentions.

Coakley Brothers can Disassemble & Reassemble:

  • Standard disassembly/reassembly of beds, mirrors, tables & residence doors is part of our business. 
  • Keep in mind, when working with waterbeds, metal shelving, pool and ping pong tables, exercise equipment, outdoor play equipment, pressed wood furniture**, satellite dishes, modems, etc., additional labor will be required making it more costly
  • The additional labor time for the above services can be considerable and is not included in the time allowed for transportation unless it is explicitly noted on the rate quotation.
  • **Note: As to be expected, and although pressed wood furniture is designed to be moved and disassembled, moving and reassembly of these items (bookshelves, tables, desks, entertainment centers, wardrobes, pool tables, etc.) may result in damage to the joints and will be performed at the owner's risk.

Electronic Servicing and your Appliances:

  • Coakley Brothers will move your Gas Appliances: However you are responsible for the disconnection of your gas appliances.  If that is not possible, we ask that you notify our office so appropriate arrangements can be made. You will be responsible for the reconnection of the gas appliances.
  • Appliance Connections for NON GAS APPLIANCES: We will disconnect and reconnect appliances at the owner's risk and direction provided suitable parts are provided.
  • Allied and your Electronic Equipment:  Although we are able to reconnect your Television, your computers and stereos, etc., we recommend you contact a vendor specializing in this service for complicated systems. Packing is one thing.  Reconnecting another.
  • **Note:  Our movers cannot install or hang televisions, pictures, shelves, artwork, ect.  If you are in need of these services please contact our Installations Services division for all of your installation needs.  414-278-7060


  • Please remember it is the customer's responsibility to make a systematic assessment of the entire premises just before departure to guarantee all of the desired household goods have been loaded. Check the hiding spots! Look in all the cupboards.  Check the rafters and those storage sheds as well. Once you’ve left Milwaukee- You’ve left Milwaukee!


Help Coakley Brothers with the Placement of Furniture:
  • It’s an exciting time to plan the location of your items in your new home and it’s fundamental part of Allied's service to help set-up arrange your furniture.  Try to have the plan done prior to the day of the move so unnecessary moving and removing of your items can be avoided.

Payment Policy:

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit/debit cards for all our services.  We only accept checks for local moves.  We do not accept cash.


  • While not expected, we do have Milwaukee customers who ask whether tipping of the movers is appropriate. Tipping movers has become common and is now considered customary. We recommend any tips given be based on your level of satisfaction for the services rendered. Was your move to or from Milwaukee satisfactory? If so, tell others.  If not, tell us so we can improve!
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