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moving tips for residential moves in milwaukee
Dear Kevin,

"From past moves, both residential and commercial, I knew that Coakley Brothers would do an excellent job helping us close up my mother-in-law’s home and move her from Florida to Milwaukee. From the first phone call to the very last handshake, everything was absolutely perfect. You made our move so easy. The movers were amazing. They were prompt, polite and professional. They worked quickly, carefully, efficiently and HARD, reminding me that hard labor is not easy. I know nothing they could have done to please us more. "


David L. Wild
Milwaukee , WI


Coakley Brothers and Allied Van Lines: Moving Tips from the Experts in Moving Families Nationwide

Your upcoming move will be less challenging when you take the time to review our Moving Tips. Whether you are moving near or far, our household moving tips can help lessen the burden and make your move more enjoyable.  We’ll help you with garage sales hints, packing hints and suggestions for moving your pet.  Allied has the household moving tips to make your move an enjoyable transition time, instead of a harried experience you’ve been having nightmares about.

You’ll find all of our household moving tips neatly divided for easy navigation.  Take the tips you deem to be helpful, and leave the rest, but be assured, we know moving.  We’re the experts you’ve been looking for. With our moving tips and guidelines on packing your household goods, you can rest well knowing you’re doing everything possible to make this move the best it could possibly be.

Tips for Making That Relaxed Move You Crave

There isn’t another company that can boast 85+ years of experience in the household moving business…and works with another expert moving company of over 125+ years! That’s quite a team. Through experience, we’ve learned how to plan, organize and get you planning and organizing your move. Passing this almost century of experience along to you is a pleasure.  Please enjoy the ride.

Most Useful Ideas, Guidelines and Advice for Your Household Move

Take Allied’s Ideas, and Coakley’s Guidelines and Advice to help your organize and prepare for your relocation.  Peruse our tips to help you make your adjustment time easier and more manageable than you ever believed possible.

Moving Tips

Here are some of the simple things that are often overlooked.
  • Make sure you register your change of address with the Post Office
  • Don’t forget to inform your family and friends know of your new address
  • We recommend keeping track of all of the incoming mail for a few months.  Use your tracking it to remind you of businesses that need your change of address
  • Also, for a few months prior to your move, keep track of all of your online payments.  They too will require your change of address.
  • Remember to fill necessary prescriptions.  Perhaps your pharmacy is nationwide? If so, transferring prescriptions won’t be necessary.
  • Purchasing a small safe to keep save all of your important personal records during your move is a plus.
  • Essential: Keep in touch with your bank!
  • Dispose of batteries, light bulbs and other dangerous material properly a week before your move
  • Get your car serviced and get a recommendation from your mechanic and if you’re moving from the Milwaukee area, ask your mechanic for a mechanic in your new area of residence.
  • Arrange to have your utilities disconnected in location 1 and connected in location 2. Whether you’re moving to or from Milwaukee WI this is imperative.
  • Order checks with your new address
  • Check large appliance manuals for special moving instructions and inform your moving consultant
  • Have food/snack prepared ahead of time for move day
  • Cancel newspapers, cable, pest control, cleaning help, garbage pickup, lawn services about a week before the move
  • This is a perfect time to get rid of the clutter
  • Deadlines are to be followed not altered
  • Realtors are oftentimes tremendously helpful when it comes to moving to or from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Enlist their help when looking for new schools, churches, meeting places, YMCA etc.
  • Moving companies, like Allied and Coakley Brothers can ease the exhaustion level.  Even if we only move your heavy items, we can be of great service to you during your move, even if you’re moving from one side of Milwaukee to the other.
  • PACK A SURVIVAL BOX!  Can you live without your coffee?  Put your coffee press in the Essential Box.  Favorite blankets and pillows go in this box. Entertainment- especially for the kids goes in this Survival box. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste- An extra set of clothing- Tools necessary for reassembly- Take special note of those everyday items you absolutely you cannot be without.
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