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furniture systems reconfiguration Coakley Brothers Milwaukee & Madison

Revitalize Your Office Space with Coakley Brothers

Is your company consolidating it's resources?  Or perhaps you're outgrowing your present office space?  Are you in need managing your existing space better by reconfiguring your existing systems furniture?  Wouldn't you want to be able to do that in the most cost effective manner?  Call us here:
Simply just discuss with us your needs and concerns and Coakley Brothers will do the rest.  We can effectively take your existing systems furniture and make the changes you desire.  We can redo entire floors, or your smaller areas or departments, all you your satisfaction.  We will inventory your belongings, helping you to decide where new products may benefit your business floor plans specific to you installation needs.  Do you have extra product laying around that you don't use?  We can help you identify the surplus product that you may be able to retire, allowing you to reclaim lost office space.

You won't be left in the dark.  Our professional teams of installers keep you informed from start to finish.

Call us at 414-278-7060 or fill out our form for a free, no obligation estimate.