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systems furniture reconditioning services coakley brothers

Reconditioning and Cleaning

•  Reconditioning

Coakley Brother's expertise in refreshing and reupholstering your existing furniture has been tried, tested  and remains the highest grade in the industry.  Revitalizing your current furniture aid in protecting your resources.

So if your present furnishing are long since deteriorated, or you're simply looking for a refreshing new look, then look no further.  Coakley Brothers can make your office furniture look exactly as you envision it.  Plus, there are myriads of upholstery options that help prolong the life of your furniture for years to come.

•  Panel & Chair Cleaning

Have you been letting that dust settle for too long?  Let Coakley Brothers professionally clean your upholstered furnishings and work stations.  Regular maintenance by Coakley Brothers keeps your systems furniture investment looking fresh and helps maintain a healthy work environment, and reduces dust and allergens.  All of which benefits you and your co-workers during your work day.

Call us at 414-278-7060 for all your systems furniture reconditioning and cleaning needs.