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Coakley Brothers your CRTS Certified Mover for Your Aging Loved Ones

Looking for a mover that has not only the skills to handle a move into a senior care facility, but also the compassion.  Undoubtedly moving is a complex and stressful process not only for the young, but also for the elderly.  While the process for moving remains relatively the same, understanding what the needs of retired or senior persons is what separates us from the “other” moving companies around Milwaukee Wisconsin.

When you are trying to decide what mover you should choose to move Mom and Dad into their new place consider the following.
  •  Is the moving company equipped to handle local, interstate and overseas moves?
  •  Is the moving company certified to handle the unique needs of retired and elderly people?
  •  Do you get a no-obligation, detailed quote listing all the services you need to perform your move to your satisfaction?
  •  Does the moving company help you plan to the move from beginning to end, with specificity?  In other words, does the moving company repeatedly show you issues and problems you never knew could be a problem when moving seniors?
Coakley Brothers, an agent for one of the world largest van lines, Allied Van Lines can handle any size move, anywhere in the world.  Being an agent gives us the resources of over 600 agents worldwide available to meet your unique moving need.

Call 414-270-7060 to start the relocation process today!

Don’t be fooled by those moving companies that give you any of the following:
  •  Inaccurate estimates or estimates without doing and in-home survey
  •  Understaffed and under qualified movers
  •  Non CRTS certified relocation specialists or movers
  •  Poor communication before, during and after the move
Why Choose Coakley Brothers?

We are glad you asked that question.  Not only have we been in the moving business since 1888, but our customers post-move surveys shows that 97% of our customers were pleased with our moving services and were more than willing to recommend us.  We have a business model that is designed to avoid the frustrations and obstacles mentioned above in your transition to your new senior residence.  We put a strong emphasis on strong preparation, careful handling of your treasured items by our veteran staff of professional movers.

What you can expect from Coakley Brothers when we move seniors? Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist Coakley Brothers Movers
  •  You and your family will work with our certified CTRS relocation consultant that will advise you on your household moving options available to you. 
  •  Your relocation consultant will identify problem areas in your move and address them.
  •  Work with you to minimize your moving costs.
  •  Offer and explain our professional moving services such as packing and storage.
Because senior moving is a complex process there are services out there that you may not even know existed, that you may very well need.  Coakley Brothers is equipped to help you with any of the following additional services should you need them. 

Moving Services
  •  Schedule, oversee and manage the entire move
  •  Provide professional packing, shipping and storage
  •  Manage the disposition and allocation of possessions to family, sale, charity, and disposal
  •  Miscellaneous: utilities transfer, travel companion services, document shredding and pet care
Asset Management Services
  •  Will coordinate the sale, removal, donation of tangible assets
  •  Refer, interview and supervise, Appraisers, Auctioneers, Consignment and Estate Sale Staff
  •  Pack and remove items for charitable donation
  •  Ship Heirlooms to friends and family
  •  Help dispose of unwanted items
Move-in Services
  •  Help with resettlement and transition
  •  Unpacking, organization and furniture placement.
  •  Assist with barrier-free design for new residents
  •  Communicate address change to friends, family and businesses
Since 1938 Coakley Brothers have relocated thousands of families. Call Coakley Brothers to take the first step in making your senior moving experience the very best it can be.  You can also fill out our Household Relocation Form to setup your in-home estimate for your free no obligation quote.

Call Now: 414-278-7060